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  • Etna Ohio

    Etna Ohio is a town in Licking County Ohio. It is in Etna Township and has a population of 1215 people. Etna was originally called Carthage, but was re-named later after the township it is located in - Etna Township.
    There's not much to see or do in Etna, but it's not far from Columbus if you jump on Highway 70, or you can go East on Highway 70 and go to Zanesville. There is a post office in Etna that has been there since 1833.

    Etna is in central Ohio and is between the Licking, Fairfield, Franklin, Knox county.

    Sites in Etna

    While there is not much to see in Etna, there is a Private Christian School - Liberty Christian Academy with 326 students.
    People do like to live in Etna because of its setting in the county and the close commute to people who work in Columbus.
    It has a relatively low crime rate compared to the crime rate in the big city of Columbus.
    You can also get a nice home for a pretty affordable price in Etna.


    Top Public Schools Serving Etna

    Watkins Memorial High School

    Etna Elementary School

    Watkins Middle School

    Southwest Licking Early Learning Center


    One resident reviewed Etna Ohio and said this about it:
    Etna was once a lovely residential community. Now is turning into warehouse complex high density homes and in my opinion no longer a place that had rural family feel. It is becoming overrun With these warehouses which brings in certain element crime seemingly is on the rise. Traffic is greatly increased a my opinion it is absolutely not for the better. I raised a family here I've been a resident for over 40 years breaks my heart to see what is taking place in this town